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Tic Tac Toe Application of Shisha Glass

Tic Tac Toe Application

Place shisha on fabric. (Use a piece of double-sided tape if needs be - after you have stitched on a few shishas you won't need this!)

Secure art silk or metal thread & bring needle through from the back of fabric.


Stitch a parallel stitch from 12 o'clock (A) to 6 o'clock (B) so that thread lies across the shisha, then take another parallel stitch right next to A, across the top of the shisha & down close to B.

Take a small back stitch behind shisha to secure thread firmly, then stitch 2 horizontal stitches (9 o'clock to 3 o'clock) in the same fashion. It is important that the horizontal stitches go over and under the vertical stitches on the top of the shisha, as per diagram below.

The shisha will then be secure, and the inside square of the frame will provide the base from which you can work decorative stitches.