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How to use Rajmahal Art Silk

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Using Rajmahal is very similar to using other threads. The difference is in the special finish you'll achieve! To ensure that you achieve maximum success, please read these handling tips.



It is best to wind your skeins onto a card or spool prior to use. Remove label, cut the holding thread at the knot, then open skein out. Loop skein over thumb, then take the end of the skein and wind it thread around the hand, finishing with top over forefinger as in the diagram. Wind thread from your hand to the card or spool.


If using less than 6 strands, separate strands singly after cutting desired length. Take the end of the strand in one hand, holding the other strands together with your spare hand. Pull a single strand straight up from the bunch. Repeat until you have removed the desired number of strands. It is preferable to work with, rather than against, the grain or twist of the thread.

Perfect Knots & Bullions

The shine of Art Silk makes French Knots & Bullions simple to work, as the thread slides easily off the needle.

Successful Stitching with Rajmahal Art Silks

Art Silks can seem a little "springy" if you are used to working with wool or cotton. If you are noticing the "bounce"  you can "calm" the thread by

  • Passing the thread through an anti-static clothes dryer sheet
  • Running slightly damp cotton wool along strands just prior to use.
  • Pass thread lightly through beeswax (good for additional strength when using Art Silks in conjunction with metallics, shisha or sadi.
  • Spray thread lightly with spray starch
  • Use the correct number of strands required for the work you are doing appropriate to the fabric you are using. And choose the appropriate needle!