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Use Metal Threads

How To Use Metal Threads

General Hints Metal/Sadi

Cutting and Handling: Very sharp scissors,with long points or sharp blade and cutting board. Tweezers can be of use to minimise hand contact which, as with all metal threads, can speed the tarnishing process.

Frame: Is essential for all metal thread work. The fabric should be firm, but not drum tight as this can cause puckering.

Needles: When couching, a crewel needle 8-10. When passing metal threads through fabric, use a chenille needle number 8. Needles a little too large are preferable to those which drag the thread through too restrictive a hole, thus damaging the thread. A straw needle size 7-9 is used for sadi "Beading".

If large areas of metal thread work is required, tack pieces of muslin over worked areas to prevent the thread coming into contact with embroiderer's hands.

Storage: Should be in a dry place in an air-tight container. Acid-free tissue paper should cover all metal threads to be stored for any long period.

Cleaning: Metal threads should never be immersed in water. The best method of cleaning the surrounding fabric is with magnesium carbonate (available through pharmacies). Lightly dust surface. After several minutes, carefully remove with a soft brush or low-power vacuum with fine nozzle.