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Sadi Bullions

Sadi Bullions

Diagram A

A wonderful dimension can be added to bullion roses by incorporating sadi thread. Here is a sample method.

Method: Using Art Silk, work 3 wrap bullions to form the centre of the rose. (Diagram A).

Bring thread through at lower left of bullions, (Diagram B).

Thread a 5mm length of sadi onto the straw needle then take the needle and working thread (NOT the sadi) through to wrong side.

Position two further 5mm lengths of sadi, one at a time, to complete the inner circle of bullions.

Remember, the sadi does not actually pass through the fabric, simply sits on top secured by the art silks running through it.

Work 4 further lengths of sadi close to the inner sadi bullions.


Finishing Off

Simply overstitch,couching over ends of sadi, or, pierce a hole in fabric, place sadi end in a loop of art silk worked from reverse of fabric. Pull loop sharply back through fabric, taking sadi end through to wrong side. Stitch to wrong side.

If You Need Extra Strength! Sadi thread can be reinforced prior to couching by threading with an electrical or florists wire. It then becomes more robust and longer lengths can be safely couched.